How Often Should I Get a Massage for Back Pain?

Whether you’re suffering from body aches or looking for a way to relax and de-stress after a long work week, getting a massage can significantly help lighten your mood and improve your overall well-being. It not only soothes sore muscles but it also enhances immune function.

With all the benefits that come with a massage, you’re probably wondering whether it’s good to have a deep tissue massage for lower back pain every day. The simple answer is yes. However, it still depends on a lot of factors, so read on to learn more.

Deep Tissue Massage for Lower Back Pain: Frequency and Duration

Your physical needs, pain, and stress levels are among the factors you need to consider to determine how often and how long your massage therapy sessions should be. Regularly receiving the massage offers the most benefit.

Most patients who received a 30-minute deep tissue massage for lower back pain regularly for ten days straight experience reduced pain. This means that even a half-an-hour-massage can be used as an effective treatment plan for pain relief.

Lower Back Pain Massage Near Me

What’s ideal?

Be it for lower back pain, joint pain, or stress relief, the frequency and duration of the massage should be carefully assessed by a massage therapist. When done incorrectly, a massage can either cause more stress to your body or even worsen minor injuries.

That’s why it’s important to talk to your massage therapist to address your concerns. You can start by finding a Wagga remedial massage therapist to create a tailored massage therapy just for you.

That’s why it’s important to talk to your massage therapist to address your concerns. You can start by finding a Wagga remedial massage therapist to create a tailored massage therapy just for you.

We Offer 30-minute Deep Tissue Massage

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you know the frequency and duration of your massage:

For Pain Management

In most cases, massage for pain management and other medical issues are performed more frequently. With the doctor’s advice, your therapist may conduct a massage session once or twice a week to hasten your recovery.

Typically, you will need more frequent sessions in the beginning. As your muscles heal and relax, you can consult with your therapist whether it’s wise to lessen the duration and frequency of your sessions.

For Stress Relief

Feeling overwhelmed with your job? Tired and stressed with all the work? Wondering how to massage your back yourself? You don’t have to. Professional massage therapists can ensure you feel relaxed and stress-free after every session.

Since you want massage to relieve stress, it’s best to get a massage once a month. A therapeutic massage can help reduce the tension in your body by increasing localised blood flow. This produces positive hormones, like endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. Aside from that, a therapeutic massage can also help increase tissue elasticity by rising muscle temperature.

For Athletic Performance

Most athletes use massage therapy to help in the recovery of their muscles. So, if you’re an aspiring athlete, you’ll need two or more session a week to help in your training. Whenever you’re training for a sports event, you’ll need to schedule more massage sessions than usual. It usually includes pre-event massages and post-event massages.

A pre-event massage helps in warming up and stretching the muscles. It prevents injuries and reduces tension in your body, improving your range of motion and flexibility. After the game, you also need a post-event massage. This is done immediately following the event to reduce soreness and tighten muscles. With the right sports massage, you can significantly improve your athletic performance.

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