Understanding Remedial Massage

There’s nothing better than easing your creaky muscles with a great massage, don’t you think? One of the most useful styles of massage will take your constant niggling headaches away. From relieving your chronic pain and reducing tension to improving your mobility and flushing your muscles, you will most definitely benefit from Body Realignment’s remedial massage service in Wagga.

Looking Back to the History of Massage

Massage is a soft tissue treatment to the muscular-skeletal system. Massage may help relieve muscle tension, stiffness & pain, increase joint flexibility & range of motion, reduce stress & help you unwind. Massage may enhance your general health & well-being.

Massage treatments aim to remove the accumulation of general aches and pains, promote relaxation & help you maintain a healthy body. Remedial, sports, deep tissue, trigger point, therapeutic and relaxation techniques can be tailored for each massage treatment.

The first records of massage therapy date back many years ago. People believed that the practice of touch as a healing method had benefits. They said that it treats physical injuries, relieves pain, and promotes a balance in physiological systems that develop harmonious energy flow, allowing the body to naturally heal itself.

Remedial Massage Benefits

Understanding How Remedial Massage Works

The type of massage therapy applies techniques that may include trigger point therapy, deep tissue, myofascial and soft tissue release, lymphatic drainage, cupping and stretching for relaxation and therapeutic purposes. Although hands are primarily used to carry out the therapy, it also makes use of forearms, elbows, and feet to apply different pressure and intensity during treatment.

The treatment is designed to achieve wellness with a healing touch. If you have aches, pains, and injured areas of your body, have them fixed with a remedial massage in Wagga. A range of techniques is used to help reduce swelling and scar tissue, improve circulation, and promote healing of muscular-skeletal injuries.

Skills of a Massage Therapist That You Should Take Advantage

  • Endurance – Sure, hands and arms play a big part in the work, but the job demands more than that. Body Realignment’s therapist uses full-body strength and control to perform the movements precisely.
  • Communication Skills – To treat your injuries and pains best while promoting general wellness, a massage therapist must have strong interpersonal and communication skills. Body Realignment’s massage therapy near me therapist listens, answers questions, and alleviates concerns to meet your needs and requirements.
  • Discernment and Decision-Making – In addition to listening to your needs and giving feedback, Body Realignment’s therapist possesses and exercises judgment skills, making sure that you are given the most appropriate treatment for your needs.
  • Social and Cultural Understanding – In the industry, a therapist may encounter and work with people from various backgrounds and cultures. Here, the therapist demonstrates a friendly demeanour that will make you feel welcome and at ease.
  • Industry-Specific Skills and Expertise – With credible years of experience in the field and with numerous satisfied customers, you are in good hands with Body Realignment’s remedial massage Wagga therapist.

Whether you want to rehabilitate your injuries, relieve stress, improve circulation, or increase relaxation, Body Realignment’s healing will help you on your way to wellness.

Experience the Benefits of Remedial Massage

Health Benefits of Remedial Massage

Now that you know what a lot about remedial massage and how it works, it’s time for you find out the many benefits it brings. Sure, massage treatments can make you feel good and relaxed, but did you know that research suggests that it can help you to stay fit and healthy? Here are the top benefits of remedial massage:

  • It reduces stress and anxiety – This type of massage affects a person’s neurohormones that regulate behaviour and emotions and decreasing cortisol levels. This, then, produces mood-enhancing benefits, reducing depression and anxiety, improving sleep and concentration, and increasing energy.
  • It boosts immunity – Remedial massage stimulates natural killer cells, improves lymphatic drainage, boosts lymphocytes, and lowers and the levels of cytokines, improving the effectiveness of your body’s immune system that can fight off disease.
  • It mends postural issues – Some jobs and tasks will require you to spend a large part of your day sitting, leading to postural stress. The massage therapist designs customised treatment plans to address the issues, uses techniques that stretch muscles, relieve tension, balance and realign your body, improve your posture, and counteract the negative effects of sitting for a period of time.
  • It increases the mobility and flexibility of your joints – People who are suffering from acute and chronic conditions experience discomfort, stiffness, reduced flexibility, and movement difficulties. The therapist uses various stretching and mobilisation techniques to help improve your circulation, loosen muscles, and eases tension, reducing pain and stiffness and increasing joint strength, stability, mobility and flexibility.

From stimulating your blood supply and making your joints more mobile to easing and stabilising your muscles, you can most definitely benefit from Body Realignment’s remedial massage service.

Reach us out today and say goodbye to your pains and injuries!